Darragh Moroney

Darragh, a 40 year resident of Peterborough, opened Better Floorz in February 1998 and the company was successful from it's inception. Darragh is a father of 4 grown children, all living in Peterborough and still enjoys racing a late model stock car at the local speedway. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, boating and playing with his 5 grandchildren.


Shanna Moroney

Shanna is born and raised in Peterborough and has managed Better Floorz for the past 13 years.  She is raising her 2 young boys on their farm just south of Peterborough. In her spare time Shanna enjoys playing softball on two local teams and travelling to sunny destinations in the winter months. 


Barry Killien

Barry is a lifetime resident of Peterborough and has been working with Better Floorz for over 10 years. Barry is an avid wildlife photographer and has a large Facebook following. Many of his photos were created around Barry's wilderness retreat on Coon Lake

Hart pic

Hart Moroney

Hart is the newest addition to the Better Floorz team and has been the warehouse manager for the past two years. Hart's a recent first time Dad and finds most of his time is taken up with work and parenting. When he does have some spare time, Hart loves to play golf.

Al Wanamaker

Al Wanamaker


Al is another of lifetime resident of Peterborough and has been a key Installer at Better Floorz for 17 years.

Al is a ATV and snowmobile enthusiast, you can find him out on local trails, weather permitting



Dwight Wollacutt

Dwight Woolacott


Dwight is a long time resident of Peterborough and has been an Installer at Better Floorz since it opened in 1998. he is also an avid golfer and you can find him out on various course in the area.